Use of Substitute Instruction

RCB faculty are expected to meet all regularly scheduled classes except in emergencies that cannot be anticipated sufficiently in advance to arrange for substitute instruction and to have it approved.

Substitute instruction is permitted under those circumstances described below:

  1. University-Related Travel Requiring Completion of GSU Travel Authorization Form
    In these cases (e.g., attendance at a professional meeting), the type of substitute instruction is to be specified on the line of the GSU travel authorization form labelled “classes/duties in my absence will be handled by.” If additional space is needed, a memorandum should be appended to the GSU travel authorization form and referenced on the form. The approval of the head of the academic unit on the GSU travel request form constitutes, among other things, approval of the request to use substitute instruction in association with the University-related travel.
  2. Outside Activities
    The “Request for Approval to Engage in Outside Activities” form requires that any substitute instruction be stated in a memorandum to the head of the academic unit for approval at the same time that the request for approval to engage in outside activities is completed by the faculty member and forwarded to the head of the academic unit for approval. (For further elaboration, see Section 6, page 6 of “Policies Related to Outside Activities,” in Section F(4) of the RCB Policies and Procedures Manual.
  3. Other circumstances requiring substitute instruction.
    Examples would include a faculty member having to miss classes for personal reasons (e.g., serious illness of an immediate member of the family). In these cases not covered by the circumstances in paragraphs 1 and 2 above, a memorandum requesting use of substitute instruction should be sent to the head of the academic unit for approval. This memorandum should include the following information; explanation of reason for missing class, class sections requiring substitute instruction, and the proposed form of substitute instruction.

(Approved by the Executive Committee February 5, 1990)

(Approved by the Faculty Affairs Committee February 21, 1990)