Selection of Text Materials for Core Courses


The purpose of this document is to provide policies and procedures for the selection of text materials for core courses.

Policies and Procedures

The core course coordinator (or designee) will chair a committee of at least three full-time faculty members who will be chosen, in consultation with the head of the academic units, to select text materials for the core course. This committee/selection process shall occur at least once every three years.

No member of the selection committee, including the chair of the committee, will be the author or co-author of a textbook which could be adopted for the core course.
The core course coordinator will facilitate the selection committee’s deliberation by assuming responsibility for ordering complimentary examination copies of textbooks and supplementary materials.

The committee should make textbook decisions sufficiently early such that textbooks are available for students prior to the semester that the new book will be used. The decision of the committee will be relayed to the head of the academic unit (if other than the core course coordinator) or designated staff for purposes of placing the bookstore orders.

(Recommended by Executive Committee 4/13/15 & Faculty Affairs Committee 4/14/15)
(Approved by the Faculty of the Robinson College of Business 4/22/15)