Procedures for Consideration of Proposals from Academic Units Requiring Approval of Faculty

Submission and Approval Process

For proposals from academic units that require faculty approval, the Academic Program Councils will adhere to the following process.

  1. At the beginning of each semester, the Council will establish meeting dates to consider proposals and provide a schedule of these meeting dates to the faculty at large.
  2. The Council will review proposals for completeness and technical compliance with the Council’s curricular proposal forms, achieving any required resolution
    with the submitting academic unit.
  3. The Council will deliberate, meeting with the departments who submitted the proposals and other parties as necessary, to arrive at its recommendations. For
    each proposal received, the Council must recommend: (a) approval (with any changes from the proposals submitted by the academic units noted), (b) disapproval or (c) defer consideration until a subsequent Council meeting.
  4. The Council will convene faculty hearings for proposals that have received Council approval
    • Hearings will be held on a rolling basis at the discretion of the Council and at least two weeks before a faculty vote. Hearings will occur during
      periods when the University is open for normal business. If there are proposals that require faculty approval, the Council will hold at least one hearing in the fall semester and one hearing in the spring semester.
    • At the discretion of the Council, hearings can be in-person or facilitated by technology such as Internet or telecommunication packages that allow
      remote conferencing capabilities.
    • One week before the hearing:
      • A summary of the approved proposals for recommendation to the faculty for approval will be distributed to all RCB faculty with an announcement soliciting either (a) written response or (b) testimony at a specified council hearing. Faculty may review all supporting documentation; in addition, a copy of these materials may be requested by academic units for their information and input to the Council.
      • The Associate Dean’s Group (ADG) representative arranges distribution of an announcement of proposed program changes, course additions and course deletions to the ADG for review and input
    • The Council holds the specified council hearings, deliberates written and
      oral testimony, and determines any changes to its recommendations
  5. Any changes in the Council’s recommendations stemming from the hearings process will be distributed to the faculty one week prior to the scheduled vote for
  6. Council recommendations are presented to the RCB faculty for approval
    • Voting may occur at a scheduled in-person faculty meeting
    • At the discretion of the Council and with the approval of the Dean, voting may occur via technology-enabled methods and may occur in the fall, spring, or summer semester
    • Technology-enabled votes will be considered as equivalent to votes in faculty meetings convened at the discretion of the Dean.

  7. (Recommended by Executive Committee 4/13/15 & Faculty Affairs Committee 4/14/15)
    (Approved by the Faculty of the Robinson College of Business 4/22/15)