Scheduling Executive Committee Meetings

The purpose of this document is to establish general parameters for the scheduling of Executive Committee meetings to permit long-run planning by members so as to maximize attendance.

Executive Committee meetings are scheduled for 2:00 p.m. in the Conference Room of the Dean’s Office every other Monday of those weeks of the calendar year in which classes are in session or final examinations are scheduled.

The first meeting of each quarter is on the first Monday after classes begin; in other words, the first meeting is never scheduled on the first day of classes of a quarter.

When a bi-weekly meeting would normally fall on a holiday for which the University is closed (such as July 4 in some years), the next meeting will be scheduled for the Monday after the holiday.

Subject to the above scheduling provisions, Executive Committee meetings will be scheduled for a 12-month period from September l to August 3l. These meeting dates will be placed in the College’s administrative calendar and otherwise promulgated to Executive Committee members during the month of September.

If the Dean decides that there are not sufficient agenda items to hold a scheduled meeting (or there are other reasons for not holding the meeting), the cancellation of the meeting will be announced to Executive Committee members as soon as possible.

During the course of a year, the Dean is sometimes called to emergency meetings, or other unanticipated events occur which would not permit the Dean to attend a regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting. When such situations arise, the Dean will decide whether to cancel the regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting or to designate a person to chair the meeting in his absence.

Sometimes a special meeting of the Executive Committee may be required. In such cases, the Dean will provide as much advance notice as possible.