Faculty Recruiting Process

The content below is not intended to be a substitute for the university’s policy, but rather to be a reminder list of important steps:

Budget approval for positions

Academic Unit Heads (Heads) submit recruiting requests/justifications to Associate Dean with faculty responsibility (Associate Dean Nathan Bennett).
Associate Dean allocates positions, authorizes departments to recruit for TT/NTT faculty.

Head constitutes Search Committee. (Exception: when Professorship/Chair is involved, Search Committee is appointed by the Dean after consultation between Head and Associate Dean with faculty responsibility.) Per University policy, search committees in departments of 15 or more faculty should have at least 5 faculty members; in departments of less than 15 faculty, search committees should have at least 3 faculty members. Departments are encouraged to establish committees with diverse membership, which includes, if at all possible, members of an underrepresented group and/or protected class, such as women and minorities. All committee members are responsible for promotion of diversity within the college/department.

Ad creation

Search Committee and Head develop proposed ad and submit it to Nathan Bennett for approval and forwarding to University level.

All ads must specify

  • Number of positions (generally phrased as “one or more” or “two or more” to cover unanticipated additional authorizations during the year
  • That the position is an anticipated hire
  • That the positions are contingent on final budget authorization by the University
  • Type of position (tenure-track or non-tenure track)
  • Rank (generally phrased as “Rank is open but we expect to hire at (the level of assistant professor, the level of assistant or associate professor, or the more senior level [associate to full professor])
  • Minimum qualifications (required and/or preferred)
  • Responsibilities
  • The semester of hire
  • Preference and/or deadline date (generally phrased as “Preference may be given to applications received by [date], but position(s) will remain open until filled.”
  • Instructions for submitting application data
  • The EEO-AA statement: “Georgia State University is an equal opportunity educational institution and an affirmative action employer.”

Obtaining approval to search

Department submits Faculty Vacancy packet to Dana Carter. This packet includes Faculty Vacancy Form, Search Committee Membership form and Final copy of the advertisement.

The department fills out the faculty vacancy form, search committee membership form and copy of the advertisement and gives to College HR Officer, Dana R. Carter. Nathan Bennett signs, and Dana forwards to the Provost for assignment of a log #. The approved packet and log # will be sent to the department chair and business manager. Once this log # is assigned, the ad can be placed by the department.

When College receives University approval of search (log number), Dana Carter notifies Chair and Business Manager of Department. Only then may the ad be placed and other aspects of search strategy be undertaken.

Meanwhile, the Associate Dean and the College HR Officer develop the College’s ad to be placed in the Chronicle of Higher Education (print edition as well as online), in Women in Higher Education, and in Academic Jobs Online. The ad will cover all recruiting the College plans to do that year, and the College ad in the Chronicle can be used by all recruiting departments as the required print ad for visa purposes if a foreign national candidate is hired. Dana Carter will provide a copy of the College ad (above) to the administrative support person for each search. A copy of the ad will need to be included in your pool approval paperwork and hiring request paperwork when you later submit those packets to us for approval (see below). (If your eventual hire is a foreign national, you will later need the copy of the Chronicle of Higher Education print ad (and other search process documents) when the H1B application is filed and when the Permanent Residency application is filed, so be sure to keep copies of these documents in your file on that new faculty member.)

Conducting the Search

Head appoints search committee, in consultation with the Associate Dean (Bennett) (except in the case of professorships or chairs, for which the search committee is appointed by the Dean after consultation between the Associate Dean and the Head).

Search Committee, with approval of Head, develops search strategy. Head submits list of search committee members and proposed search strategy to Nathan Bennett for approval, within three weeks of approval of the search (issuance of log number). (This step is meant to prevent problems later when search is completed and Department wants to make offer, but HR and/or Dean’s Office say search committee composition and/or search strategy were inadequate.)

Note: Please be sure to carefully document your search strategy, as you will have to produce that documentation later when you want the University/College to make an offer. If you run the ad on electronic networks/list servers, please print your ad from those networks when it runs, and hold those copies for the hiring paperwork. (Make sure the printouts show the dates they were printed.) Note any other formal or informal efforts you make, including personal contact, to attract qualified candidates to apply for the position(s).

Candidate Self-identification

Search Committee collects applications, sending acknowledgement emails or letters that include the link to the Affirmative Action (ODDEP) website for candidates to provide voluntary self-classification of race and gender. Please ensure that this is being done, to prevent problems later when you need an approved pool to make an offer.

Search Committee reviews applications at least until the preference date mentioned in department’s ad. At any time after preference date that the Committee and Head believe they have an adequate pool of candidates, Committee recommends to Head a list of candidates to be invited for campus visits (generally 3 candidates per position). Please ensure that you have three (3) recommendation letters on each candidate who is being invited to campus, as these letters are required before an offer can be made.


University policy requires that Departments retain all materials relating to faculty searches including materials from all applicants as well as detail of the search process, for at least three years. Please make sure that the search committee and the administrative support personnel are aware of this requirement.

Inviting Candidates/Interview process

Head sends to Dana R. Carter the Department’s requests for campus interviews including three suggested dates and candidates’ vita, for Associate Dean’s approval and signature. Head should consult with Nathan Bennett if any doubt/concern regarding candidate invitation (and always in the case of more senior candidates [associate to full professor]) before calling candidate(s) to discuss interest in campus visit and possible dates.

After signature by Nathan Bennett, Dana Carter schedules candidate appointments with Bennett, generally for 30 minutes at 9:30, 10:00, 2:00 or 2:30. If your department always prefers morning so your faculty seminar can be in the afternoon, or vice versa, just let Dana know and we will accommodate that preference if at all possible. All candidates must be interviewed by Associate Dean Bennett, Dean Phillips or another member of the Dean’s office (Asst Dean or Associate Dean).

All appointments/arrangements for candidates’ visits (including checking possible dates for senior candidates’ appointments with the Dean) must be made through Dana Carter, not Kathy Brown.

Approval of Candidate Pool

Department prepares affirmative action forms for Candidate Pool Approval Packet to include:

  • Applicant Pool Checklist 
  • CV for each candidate selected to be interviewed
  • Copy of all published advertisements (both online- list serv and printed ads)

and submits the forms to Dana R. Carter. It is important to get the pool approved at this point because otherwise (lack of) pool approval will delay your ability to have an offer made later. It is relatively quick and easy to “amend” a pool to add additional candidates later in the process, once the pool has been approved in the first place.

After signature by Nathan Bennett, Dana Carter forwards pool approval documents through the University approval process. After the pool has been approved, the Dean’s Office retrieves the packet from OD/DEP and Dana Carter notifies the department of approval. Dana Carter will send copies of approved Pool approval to the Business Manager, for retention in the Department recruiting file.

Obtaining Approval to Hire

Search Committee and Head collect feedback from faculty and other parties involved in the interview. Search Committee prepares recommendation to Head; that memo will be included in the For-the-Record packet that goes to the Provost, along with the Head’s recommendation memo.

Head discusses with Nathan Bennett which candidate(s) the unit requests that position(s) be offered to. Final College-level decision on whether position(s) can be offered to candidate(s) rests with Associate Dean Bennett, who consults with the Dean as needed on senior candidate offers.

Head discusses desired offer with Nathan Bennett, resulting in agreed-on range of terms for Head to discuss with candidate. (In the case of senior candidates, these discussions with candidates are often handled by the Dean and Associate Dean.) Head calls candidate to discuss mutual interest, ascertain whether candidate will accept terms when they are officially offered (in Dean’s official offer letter, after Provost’s approval). When candidate indicates s/he will accept terms, Head prepares offer request paperwork (see list below) and forwards it to Dana R. Carter.

The required paperwork consists of:

College For-the-Record Form
Indicating terms agreed upon by the candidate, signed by the Head, for approval and signature by Nathan Bennett.
Faculty Hire Form 
Department head recommendation memo
A signed letter of recommendation to the dean from the Head, which details the Head’s rationale for selection of this candidate and other factors as mentioned above.
Search Committee’s report and /or recommendation memo
A signed search committee letter of recommendation detailing recruitment efforts, including a rationale for selection of this candidate and an assessment of the candidate’s fit within, and anticipated contribution to, the advancement of the college/department.
Final Candidate CV
Three recommendation letters for selected candidate-Reference letters for candidate
(Must include 3 letters and one should be from current university, if applicable.)
Other supporting documents
(if applicable)

Associate Dean Bennett reviews materials, verifying that terms are in the range agreed between Associate Dean and Head, and authorizes Dean’s recommendation of candidate to the Provost;

Dana Carter forwards necessary documents through University-level approval to the Provost’s office.

When Provost’s signature approving offer is received in Dean’s Office, Dana Carter prepares Dean’s offer letter for signature (by Bennett); offer letter is sent overnight mail to candidate, with copy emailed to Department head and business manager/admin.

Candidate has 14 days to send acceptance letter to Dean.

Dean forwards acceptance letter to Nathan Bennett, who notifies Chair of acceptance and forwards letter to Dana Carter.

Dana Carter sends acknowledgement email to candidate, enclosing Human Resources’ hiring packet and other information. Dana Carter asks HR to send candidate their release forms to conduct a criminal background check.

Dana Carter creates faculty file for Dean’s Office files.

Dana Carter files Dean’s Office copies of documentation of the search.

Department retains all search materials for at least three (3) years, per University policy.

If new faculty member requires an H1-B visa for employment at Georgia State University (offer letter directs new faculty member to contact Heather Housley or Doreen Clayton in GSU’s ISSS Office to ascertain visa requirements for their employment), the Department Head and appropriate department staff member are responsible for initiating and completing the hiring unit’s paperwork for that H1-B visa, and for its renewal three years hence if needed (if the faculty member does not yet hold permanent residency at that point in time). Please ensure that the H1-B application process is initiated immediately so that the faculty member is eligible to work when the faculty contract year begins.