RCB Support for Faculty Research

I. Objectives of the Summer Research Grant Program

Significant faculty research is a key component of the activities of leading business schools. To encourage research efforts, the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University has a program for sponsoring research.

The objective of the Summer Research Grant Program is to promote scholarly research among faculty members of the Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University. Any member of the faculty who holds a faculty appointment in the Robinson College of Business spanning the academic years prior and subsequent to the summer for which funding is requested is eligible to apply for the resources of the Summer Research Grant Program, except new faculty members who have guaranteed summer funding under the terms of their hire. It is the intent of the Program both to encourage less experienced researchers to develop a pattern of research endeavor early in their academic careers, and to reinforce the continued efforts of productive established researchers.

II. Policies Governing Summer Research Grants

A. Request Deadline

Summer research grant requests are to be submitted to the Dean’s Office by the first Monday in February. One month before the deadline, the Associate Dean with faculty and budget responsibilities will send a reminder memorandum to RCB Faculty. The faculty member is responsible for assuring that his/her request arrives at the Dean’s Office on time.

B. Request Procedure

1. The proposal must consist of the following:

  • Summer Research Grant Request Form. On this transmittal form the faculty member indicates his/her name, department affiliation, academic rank and number of years in that rank, and attests that at least one month of that summer will be spent on research.
  • Current vita

III. Awarding of Summer Research Grants

The priority of a faculty member’s summer research grant request depends on the faculty member’s research productivity in the highest quality refereed journals, given stage of career, and other relevant factors. The Dean’s Office (Dean and/or Associate Dean with faculty and budget responsibilities), in consultation with each faculty member’s department chair, will determine the priority of faculty members requesting summer research funding. The Dean’s Office will decide on the number of summer research grants to be awarded each year based on the availability of resources. A summer research grant will be 10% of a faculty member’s academic year salary.

The Associate Dean will notify each requesting faculty member whether or not his/her request for a summer research grant has been approved. Copies of this notification are forwarded to the Dean and the chair of the researcher’s department. A summary of the allocations will be provided to the Executive Committee and to the Faculty Affairs Committee each year.