RCB Staff Employee Performance Evaluation Frequency


The following policies and procedures apply to all employees of the Robinson College of Business who are employed at an EFT of .50 or more and do not have faculty rank.


An annual performance evaluation will be completed on all RCB staff employees who meet the following criteria:

  • Employed in current job title for three years or more; and
  • Reporting to current supervisor for two years or more

Staff employees who do not meet these criteria will be evaluated semiannually.

For staff employees subject to annual evaluation, the employee’s supervisor may, because of the nature of the job, concerns about recent changes in level of performance or for whatever reasons, choose to evaluate the employee on a semiannual basis.

For those employees subject to annual evaluation, the performance evaluation may take one of the following two forms:

  • Completion of the College’s standard staff evaluation form and subsequent discussion.
  • Completion, as do employees with faculty rank, of an annual activity report and statement of goals for the coming year as input to a written performance evaluation by the supervisor with subsequent discussion with the employee.


The semiannual evaluation periods are for the six months ending on June 1 and December 1. The annual evaluation period is the twelve months ending December 1.

Approximately one month prior to these dates, the Office of the Dean will distribute a listing of all current employees to each department requesting:

  • The current status of the employee with respect to the criteria stated above for determining whether the employees will be evaluated on a semiannual or annual basis
  • The form of the evaluation for employees subject to annual evaluation

This listing, when returned to the Dean’s Office about one week later, will serve as the basis for distributing semiannual evaluation forms (for the periods ending June 1 and December 1) and the standard College evaluation form (for the period ending December 1) for employees evaluated annually using this form of evaluation.

(Reviewed and Recommended by Executive Committee 1/92)