These Bylaws of the faculty of the Robinson College of Business are supplementary to the Georgia State University Statutes and Bylaws and the Bylaws and Policies of the Regents of the University System of Georgia. They must be read in the light of these basic governing documents of the University. To avoid duplication, many provisions of the University statutes applicable to the governance of the College have been omitted and incorporated only by reference.

Consistent with the College’s mission, the college strives to operate in an atmosphere characterized by openness, inquiry, collegiality, honesty, diversity and freedom of expression. Consistent with the principles of collegiality and shared governance, all meetings of all committees, except those involving personnel decisions, are open to faculty to attend. However, non members are not permitted to speak without the permission of the committee chair. Also, any member of the faculty has the right to request to appear before any committee, with the request subject to approval by the chair of the committee.