Policy Regarding Summer Quarter Teaching Assignments

For a faculty member who is hired on an academic year contract, teaching during the summer quarter is a separate contract.

Chairmen/directors of academic units will take into consideration the following factors in making summer quarter teaching assignments to A contract faculty members:

  1. Summer quarter teaching is awarded as a part of the general compensation and reward system. Those faculty who the Chairman/director ranks highest in overall terms in meeting the teaching, research and publications, and service criteria (as defined in the College’s promotion and tenure policies and procedures document) will, all other things equal, be given first right of refusal in making summer quarter teaching assignments.
  2. All other things equal, those faculty who have shown the greatest current historical effort in seeking and achieving externally-funded summer quarters (e.g., research contracts, faculty internships) will be given priority.
  3. Some faculty have special qualifications to teach certain individual courses.
  4. Consideration is given to providing financial support to doctoral students through GTA appointments.

(Approved by the Executive Committee on May 13, 1985 and the Faculty Affairs Committee on May 14, 1985)