Numbering of Graduate Courses and Offering of 9000-Level Courses

I. Numbering of Graduate Courses

New graduate courses should conform to the following numbering system. Existing courses that do not conform to the designated use of the appropriate number should be renumbered accordingly.

5000-level courses.
A 5000-level number is reserved for required non-credit program orientations or other required non-credit professional development courses
6000-level courses.
A 6000-level number is reserved for non-credit courses that are required for compliance with federal, state, or Board of Regents’ regulations and policies.
7000-level courses.
A 7000-level number is reserved for foundation courses, i.e., courses which generally cover introductory undergraduate material, although at an accelerated pace.
8000-level courses.
An 8000-level number is to be assigned to any graduate-level course (master’s or doctoral) that does not fit within the 6000-level or 9000-level categories.
9000-level courses.
A 9000-level number is reserved for courses designed for doctoral students who are majoring in the academic unit in which the course is offered. A 9000-level course is expected to be a doctoral-level seminar that is oriented toward research. In particular, the purposes of a 9000-level course would be to survey the (journal) literature in the discipline, cover advanced topics of a theoretical nature in the discipline, prepare students for preliminary exams, or assist students in selecting and developing a dissertation topics. Master’s-level students must obtain permission of the instructor and the academic unit head to take a 9000-level course.

II. Offering of 9000-Level Courses

The Associate Dean with the assigned responsibility for overseeing doctoral programs is charged with monitoring the offering of 9000-level courses.

(Recommended by Executive Committee 4/13/15 & Faculty Affairs Committee 4/14/15)
(Approved by the Faculty of the Robinson College of Business 4/22/15)