Memorandum dated 7/30/98

TO: Members of the Executive Committee

FROM: Ralph E. Kahlan

DATE: July 30, 1998

RE: Transmittal of New Pages to be Inserted In Your Copy of RCB Policies and Procedures Manual

Revised pages for your copy of the RCB Policies and Procedures Manual were last transmitted via memorandum dated August 7, 1997. Please refer to Section X(1) of your Manual for reference to the logic of the codification/pagination system employed in this manual. This memorandum transmits new sections to be inserted (and instructions on the old sections to be deleted) in your copy of the Manual as detailed below. Please delete and add sections in the following sequential steps:

  1. Table of Contents. Substitute the table of contents (dated July 1998), which is the first attachment to this memorandum, for the current table of contents (dated August 1997).
  2. Deletion of Old Sections. Delete the following sections from your Manual:
F(2 )




  1. Insertion of New Pages. Insert the copy of each new section which accompanies this memorandum in the appropriate place in your Manual. To make sure that you have received all of the relevant pages for each section, the abbreviated document titles and page numbers are listed below:
1-3 Chairs and professorship policy
RCB P&T policies and procedures
Faculty performance: planning, development & evaluation
F (17):
Faculty workload policy
S (1):
Appointment of temporary instructors
S (2):
Financial certification of international students
X (2):
This memorandum (dated July 30, 1998)

Please make sure that your key office personnel know where you keep your copy of this manual and that they are aware of its contents. This manual is incorporated by reference in the RCB Bylaws and should be kept current and be available to faculty for reference and review; it is also available at the RCB website under Dean’s Office.


cc: Dean’s Office and other staff possessing copy of Manual: C. Alexander, M. Bradley, L. Burns, E. Coleman, V. Fleischmann, T. Johnson, D. Julian, I. La Fleur, E. Murphy