Memorandum dated 11/10/83

November 10, 1983

MEMORANDUM TO: Members of the Executive Committee

FROM: Arthur Schreiber

SUBJECT: Transmittal of RCB Policies and Procedures Manual

The loose-leaf notebook accompanying this memorandum is a newly developed RCB Policies and Procedures Manual which I indicated was forthcoming in an Executive Committee meeting about one month ago. Distribution has been delayed until now because of supply problems in obtaining the ring binders.

Purpose and Scope

In recent years, numerous policy and procedure documents have been reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee.

In most cases, these documents supplement relevant policies and procedures included in other published sources, such as:

  • The Policy Manual of the Board of Regents
  • GSU Faculty Handbook
  • Statutes of Georgia State University
  • By-Laws of the Faculty of the College of Business Administration

The purpose of this new RCB Policies and Procedures Manual is to make such documents readily available to members of the Executive Committee and Dean’s Office personnel, since many of them apply to the routine conduct of College business. The intended scope of this manual is only those documents which have some degree of permanence. For example, budgetary policies and procedures for each fiscal year are distributed annually. Accordingly, they are not included in this manual; hovever, this manual does include documents to which reference is made in the annual FY budgetary policies and procedures memorandum (e.g., GRA II budgetary policy).

The Executive Committee minutes since January 1980 have been carefully reviewed for documents that need to be included in this manual. Also included are some other frequently-referenced documents which are not contained in the published sources listed above. This manual is intended to be simple and easy to maintain.

Directions for its use follow.

Table of Contents

The documents contained in this new manual have been classified into the following categories:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Budget
  • College Administration
  • Faculty
  • Personnel
  • Students

In the Table of Contents, the policy documents are classified into these six categories with the title of each document stated therein. In the right hand column of the Table of Contents (titled “Section:Page”) is the document reference and the number of pages of that document. For example, the very first document shown in the Table of Contents is titled “Submission Deadlines and Procedures for Consideration by Curricular Program Councils of Proposals from Academic Units Requiring Approval of Faculty.” Since this is the first document listed under the heading of Academic Affairs, it is given the section designation of A (1) to indicate that it is the first document (1) under “A” (Academic Affairs). Since this document is two pages in length, the Table of Contents indicates that the pages are “1-2”. Accordingly, the two pages of that document has been labeled A (1): 1 and A (1): 2, respectively, in the upper right-hand corner. The documents in the Manual are in the sequence in which they are listed in the Table of Contents.

Maintenance of Manual

This codification/pagination system should permit easy revisions of the policy manual. As policies are developed (and/or old policies are superseded), we will distribute to you (about once a year) an updated Table of Contents, copies of new policies to insert in the appropriate places (and/or instructions on documents to delete).

In order to keep this manual current, after you have read this memorandum, please place it at the end of the policy manual (Section X, which is located with respect to the Table of Contents) for future reference. Subsequent memoranda indicating revisions of the manual should be filed accordingly.

I hope that this new policies and procedures manual will be of benefit to you and that it can be maintained on a current basis with minimum effort. I welcome your comments and suggestions for additional existing items to be included.


cc: Dean’s Office personnel Receiving Copy of this Manual