Low Enrollment Course Sections

Purposes of Policy

Make timely course cancellation decisions.
The policies and procedures contained in this document are directed at making all of the decisions pertaining to cancellation of courses in a timely manner such that any students in canceled courses will have adequate opportunity to re-register for other courses, and instructors assigned to canceled courses can be given sufficient notification of reassignment. In addition, a policy of making these decisions early creates incentives for academic units to efficiently schedule their major/elective courses in a pattern which is realistic relative to demand. It also creates an incentive for academic units to streamline the degree requirements in cases where the number of students in a major or degree program results in low average class size under the current curricular structure.
Changing course enrollment minimums over time.
Course minimums will be periodically reassessed to assure that minimum class sizes are adjusted in accordance with College strategy. Annual reports to the Executive Committee and Faculty Affairs Committee of the impact of these changing minimums are required in order to permit periodic reassessment of the appropriateness of these minimums.


Justification is required to continue any course section with less than the enrollment shown in Table 1.

Procedures for Major/Elective Courses

At the appropriate time in the registration cycle, the Dean’s Office will send to the head of the academic unit a listing of courses that do not meet the minimum enrollments contained in Table 1 to determine whether the courses should be canceled. The academic unit may request that the classes be continued with justification (e.g., student progression toward graduation, courses offered only once per year but are required for certificate programs, etc.). The associate dean with responsibility for curriculum and programs will make the final decision regarding the cancellation of low-enrollment courses.

The academic unit is responsible for notifying students in cancelled courses in a timely basis so they will have sufficient time to re-register for other courses.

Procedures for Core Courses

The procedures described above pertain to major/elective courses which are scheduled by the academic units. Core courses are scheduled by the Dean’s Office based on projected demand for each course with respect to number of sections and time and day of sections. If these projections appear to be too high as registration proceeds, the goal will be to cancel, in a timely manner, any sections that do not appear to be needed to meet demand. The Dean’s Office will be responsible for notifying students who are registered for core course sections that are cancelled.

Annual Report On Impact Of Course Enrollment Minimums

During fall semester of each year, the Dean’s Office will prepare a report showing the major/elective courses for the preceding academic year that did not meet the course enrollment minimum. For each such course, the report will indicate, among other things, the enrollment and whether or not the course was cancelled. The report will be distributed to all members of the Executive Committee and Faculty Affairs Committee.

(Recommended by Executive Committee 4/13/15 & Faculty Affairs Committee 4/14/15)
(Approved by the Faculty of the Robinson College of Business 4/22/15)

Table 1: Minimum Course Section Enrollments

Course Category

Undergrad core 20/25  
Major/elective 20/25  

Graduate core 15/25  


Single sections are defined as: (a) only section of course scheduled for semester, (b) only section of course scheduled during day class hours, (c) only section of course scheduled during evening class hours, (d) only section of course scheduled at a given off-campus site.

Multiple sections are defined as: (a) two or more sections of same course scheduled during day class hours, (b) two or more sections of same course scheduled during evening class hours, (c) two or more sections of same course scheduled at a given off-campus site.

*Duplicate sections of core courses (scheduled on the same days at the same time) with combined enrollments which are less than the enrollment limit for one section will be combined into one section.