Deletion of Courses


Courses numbered 8999 or below (excluding Readings Courses) which have not been taught (i.e., scheduled with sufficient enrollments to offer the course) in the preceding three calendar years and courses numbered 9000 or above (excluding Readings Courses) which have not been taught in the preceding five calendar years will be considered by either the Undergraduate or Graduate Program Councils (as appropriate) for deletion from the College catalog course listings.

Reasons for Policy

Without a systematic and periodic review of the College’s course offerings, courses which have not been taught for a reasonable period of time remain in the College’s undergraduate and graduate catalog course listings. Because the primary purpose of publishing a catalog is to allow students to choose appropriate courses for their degrees that will be offered within a reasonable period of time, listing such courses in the catalog is misleading to students and is a detriment to the academic planning of students and student’s advisors.


At the beginning of fall semester each year, the Undergraduate and Graduate Program Councils will distribute to all faculty a proposed motion to delete all courses that have not been taught in the time periods stipulated in the statement of policy above. During the fall semester an academic unit may prepare a written justification, to be submitted to the appropriate Council, requesting an exception to the policy. Upon receipt of a request for exception to the policy, the appropriate Council will hold discussions with representative(s) of the academic unit prior to the formal hearing for the purpose of reaching agreement on the exceptions. In accordance with the normal Council procedures, a formal hearing will be held before the fall semester faculty meeting on the
motion to be presented to the faculty at the fall semester faculty meeting. A revised motion will then be made at the fall semester faculty meeting to delete courses (for purposes of updating the College’s catalogs for the subsequent year). If student demand for a deleted course again occurs at some time in the future, the course should be submitted as a new course for review by the appropriate Council.

(Recommended by Executive Committee 4/13/15 & Faculty Affairs Committee 4/14/15)
(Approved by the Faculty of the Robinson College of Business 4/22/15)