Criteria for Considering Exceptions to Uniform Rates of Compensation for Part-Time Instructors

At Georgia State University, there is a uniform rate of pay for part-time instructors, which applies to all colleges. The only differential that is made is with respect to whether an individual has a doctorate. There are significant differences in market conditions for hiring part-time instructors by college and discipline. Also, an occasional candidate may have qualifications which are exceptional by any measure, and the teaching of courses in certain programs may require a commitment beyond that normally expected of a part-time instructor. Under these conditions, as further elaborated below, consideration will be given to approving a rate of compensation which is above the uniform rate of pay in effect in the University at that time. The procedure for requesting such an exception is for the head of the academic unit to write a memorandum of justification based on one or more of the criteria contained herein for subsequent review and approval by the Office of the Dean and the Office of the Provost.

Supply and Demand Considerations

  1. Potential instructors with the appropriate credentials for the given course are in short supply, due to the course being highly specialized or a lack of regular faculty or doctoral students available to teach the given course–e.g., the 400-level course in accounting systems.
  2. The opportunity cost of the instructor is above average for part-time instructors such that the individual is not likely to teach for the RCB at the regular rate.

Exceptional Qualifications

  1. A combination of educational background and experience that surpasses the normal expectations for a part-time instructor.
  2. An individual of such distinguished reputation that the appointment as a part-time instructor would bring prestige to the College.

Commitment of Time and Effort Beyond the Normal Expectations for a Part-Time Instructor

The use of part-time instructors for courses in some programs may require, for the successful operation of the program, a commitment by the part-time instructor to time and effort beyond the normal expectations of a part-time instructor. A current example of this in the RCB is the Business Communications Program where part-time instructors are hired to teach BA 395 and are expected to attend meetings with other instructors and the director of the program to coordinate course content and delivery and to work on curriculum for the course.

(Reviewed and Recommended by Executive Committee 11/4/91)