Student Policies

Appointment of Ph.D. Teaching Fellow: Policies and Procedures

Posted On May 2, 2016


The appointment of dissertation-stage Ph.D. students as Ph.D. Teaching Fellows is intended to benefit both the students and the Robinson College of Business. The Ph.D. student is provided with an additional teaching-related credential on the resume, and income beyond that which would be received for teaching as a GTA. The College gets a commitment… more »

Admission Standards and Procedures for the Ph.D. in Business Administration and the Ph.D. in Economics

Posted On March 18, 2014


In May 1985, the RCB faculty approved doctoral admissions standards and procedures that were directed toward achieving “a highly-rated, nationally recognized Ph.D. program.” This document replaces the 1985 document. It contains some changes in the procedures associated with doctoral admissions based on experience since 1985. Other than for the addition of the Test of… more »

Policy on Financial Certification of International Students

Posted On March 18, 2014


The I-20 is issued to international students by the U.S. government to permit them to enter the country. The I-20 process requires that the student list sources of financial support sufficient to cover the projected costs of being a student in this country. To avoid a contingent financial liability, the RBC has historically not… more »