Faculty Policies

Instructional Innovation Grants Policies, Procedures, and Administration Purpose

Posted On February 24, 2014

Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business (RCB) provides course releases and other funding for improving teaching in the form of Instructional Innovation Grants (IIGs). The main objective of these grants is to encourage faculty creativity and innovations in instructional methodology related to classroom teaching. The grants are not designed to support course or program… more »

Faculty Performance: Planning, Development and Evaluation

Posted On February 20, 2014


Board of Regents policy requires performance evaluations for faculty members at least annually. Given the College’s Mission and Promotion and Tenure documents, the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) concluded that our present evaluation is inadequate. It should do more than evaluate; it should emphasize flexibility, encourage development, and strive for collegiality.


The role of… more »

Student Evaluation of Instructor

Posted On February 19, 2014

The Faculty Development Committee, in accordance with Article V.l.C. (1) of the College of Business Administration Bylaws, is responsible for developing and recommending to the Dean and the College faculty, and evaluating on an ongoing basis, a College-wide program for student course evaluations, including evaluation instruments, policies and procedures.

Policies and procedures contained herein… more »

Criteria and Procedures Pertaining to Regents’ Professorships

Posted On February 19, 2014

Board of Regents’ Policy Section 803.04 of the Policy Manual of the Board of Regents states:

Regents’ Professorships may be granted by the Board of Regents to outstanding faculty members of the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Georgia, the Medical College of Georgia, Georgia State University, and in special circumstances approved by the… more »

Policy Regarding Summer Quarter Teaching Assignments

Posted On February 19, 2014

For a faculty member who is hired on an academic year contract, teaching during the summer quarter is a separate contract.

Chairmen/directors of academic units will take into consideration the following factors in making summer quarter teaching assignments to A contract faculty members:

Summer quarter teaching is awarded as a part of the general… more »

Outside Activities: Procedures for Obtaining Approval

Posted On February 5, 2014

To avoid repetition of policies stated elsewhere, the first section of this document provides only references to various policies relevant to outside activities. The second section states the professional obligations and expectations associated with undertaking outside activities. The third section contains the procedures for obtaining approval to engage in outside activities.

References to Policies Related… more »

Use of Substitute Instruction

Posted On February 5, 2014

RCB faculty are expected to meet all regularly scheduled classes except in emergencies that cannot be anticipated sufficiently in advance to arrange for substitute instruction and to have it approved.

Substitute instruction is permitted under those circumstances described below:

University-Related Travel Requiring Completion of GSU Travel Authorization Form In these cases (e.g., attendance at… more »

Appointment and Evaluation of Faculty Appointed to Endowed Chairs and Professorships and Related Budgetary Matters

Posted On February 5, 2014

Appointment: University Policy

Section II.F. of the Georgia State University Faculty Handbook states:

A chair or professorship is not a tenurable designation. The appointment has no prescribed time limits and is subject to annual renewal by the Dean, unless otherwise specified in the agreement creating the chair or professorship. Written notice of non-renewal must be… more »