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Academic Assessment: Objectives and Policies

Posted On May 18, 2015
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The objectives of the College’s assessment program are as follows:

To measure learning attainment of our objectives relative to learning outcomes To provide a feedback loop to heads of academic units, program directors and faculty that will be used to continually improve curricula, co-curricular activities, and other aspects of the program that contribute… more »

Selection of Text Materials for Core Courses

Posted On May 18, 2015


The purpose of this document is to provide policies and procedures for the selection of text materials for core courses.

Policies and Procedures

The core course coordinator (or designee) will chair a committee of at least three full-time faculty members who will be chosen, in consultation with the head of the academic units, to… more »

Non-Credit Technology Prerequisites: Objectives and Policies

Posted On May 18, 2015


Many courses in the College’s curriculum have a specified non-credit technology prerequisite. These prerequisites pertain to the skills associated with the ability to use standard software or other technology applications (such as spreadsheet and data base management software packages). Students who do not have a firm foundation in a course’s technology prerequisites are expected… more »

Numbering of Graduate Courses and Offering of 9000-Level Courses

Posted On May 18, 2015

I. Numbering of Graduate Courses

New graduate courses should conform to the following numbering system. Existing courses that do not conform to the designated use of the appropriate number should be renumbered accordingly.

5000-level courses. A 5000-level number is reserved for required non-credit program orientations or other required non-credit professional development courses 6000-level courses. A… more »

Deletion of Courses

Posted On May 18, 2015


Courses numbered 8999 or below (excluding Readings Courses) which have not been taught (i.e., scheduled with sufficient enrollments to offer the course) in the preceding three calendar years and courses numbered 9000 or above (excluding Readings Courses) which have not been taught in the preceding five calendar years will be considered by either the… more »

Offering of Cross-Listed or Joint Enrollment Courses

Posted On May 15, 2015

Cross-listed Courses Definition. A cross-listed course is defined as one which the University Graduate or Undergraduate Catalog explicitly states is the “same as” another course. For example, in the 2014-2015 Graduate Catalog, ACCT 8680, Security and Privacy of Information and Information Systems, is listed “same as CIS 8080.” Policy. Cross-listing of a graduate course with… more »

Low Enrollment Course Sections

Posted On May 15, 2015

Purposes of Policy Make timely course cancellation decisions. The policies and procedures contained in this document are directed at making all of the decisions pertaining to cancellation of courses in a timely manner such that any students in canceled courses will have adequate opportunity to re-register for other courses, and instructors assigned to canceled courses… more »

Offering of Experimental Courses

Posted On May 15, 2015


The Graduate and Undergraduate Program Councils occasionally receive a departmentally-initiated proposal for a new course for which adequate specification of course objectives, content, or methodology prior to the actual offering of the course is difficult. Historically, this situation has resulted in Council and faculty approval of some courses subject to a review of the… more »