Appointment of Retired Faculty as Instructors


The appointment of retired RCB faculty as either part-time instructors (PTIs) or as partial EFT contract faculty is desirable whenever such appointments provide the College with the capability of staffing courses which are needed but for which permanent faculty are not available to teach them and GTAs or PTIs would be less preferable.

Board of Regents Policy on Appointment of Faculty After Retirement

Section 802.0904 (employment beyond retirement) of The Policy Manual of the Board of Regents states:

When a person has been retired from the University System and is receiving benefits from the Teacher’s Retirement System or the Employees Retirement System, employment in the University System in any capacity without prior approval of the Board of Regents is prohibited. In no event shall part-time employment be considered if compensation for the part-time service, together with benefits being paid from the Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS) or the Employee’s Retirement System (ERS), exceeds the compensation the individual was earning at the time of retirement.

Current University Policy on Appointment of Emeritus Faculty as PTIs

Rate of Pay

Several years ago, at the request of the College of Business Administration, the Vice President for Academic Affairs approved a policy in which an emeritus faculty member of a college can be appointed as a PTI to teach a course for that college at the rate in place for graduate teaching assistants. Because a professor emeritus would be expected to have qualifications which exceeded either a GTA or PTI with respect to teaching a course to which they were assigned in the college, the College of Business Administration will seek approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs to hire emeritus faculty as PTIs at a rate equal to 1.25 times the GTA rate, rounded up to the next highest $100.

Type of Courses to Be Taught

The appointment of emeritus faculty as PTIs is intended for situations where the faculty member is needed to teach undergraduate core courses, graduate core courses, or other courses to which GTA’s or PTI’s of the academic unit may sometimes be assigned.

Appointment of Emeritus Faculty on Partial EFT Contract

Rate of Pay

The AY contract rate of compensation for the appointment of such faculty will be equal to the average current rate of compensation for full-time AY contract faculty of the same rank as the emeritus faculty in the academic unit in which the emeritus faculty is intended to be appointed.
The rate of pay for each course to be taught by an emeritus faculty will equal 10% of that average AY faculty rate of compensation.

Type of Courses to be Taught

The appointment of emeritus faculty on a partial EFT AY contract is intended only for situations where the faculty member is needed to teach upper-level graduate or undergraduate non-core courses and where there is a demonstrated shortage of permanent faculty to teach such courses.

Maximum Number of Courses to be Taught During an AY

So as to minimize conflict with the maximum rate of compensation for retired faculty as stated in the Board of Regents policy (cited above), the maximum teaching load for an emeritus faculty on a partial AY contract will be three courses for an academic year. Normally, not more than one course should be assigned in each quarter of the academic year.

The emeritus faculty should be made aware of the Regents policy on maximum compensation so that the individual can determine whether the teaching load and resulting compensation will permit compliance with this policy.

Request for Approval

The chairman/director of the academic unit will send a memorandum of justification addressing all of the criteria contained in this policies and procedures document to the associate dean with academic affairs responsibility for review and approval. It is the responsibility of the academic unit to assure that the emeritus faculty has been approved to teach by the Board of Regents if a PTI appointment is requested or to request the partial EFT AY contract appointment sufficiently in advance of the quarters of the teaching assignment to permit Dean’s Office personnel to process the appointment through the Board of Regents on a timely basis.

(Approved by the Executive Committee 5/16/88)